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An Indie game being created by a group of friends.
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 Updating Ceased.

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PostSubject: Updating Ceased.   Updating Ceased. EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 9:37 pm

Due to the lack of interest
Due to the apathy of other members
And also due to the seemingly absolute hassle of joining and creating a free account on here to give support,

Project Anima is no longer being updated on this forum. Being the primary founder of the project, I'll explain why:
There's not enough support, the site STILL gets a ton of traffic, but nobody ever joins, nobody ever leaves messages, nobody posts anywhere.
The people working on it have bailed, it's summer, a lot of them spouted bullshit about being more active over the summer, and then went off to do their own shoot (which usually involved complaining about having to do things and needing time to chill)
I can't do it on my own AND update this site with every little bit of information that occurs. I literally don't have that kind of time.
So, unless my current team becomes more interested and gets back to me with updates and whatnot, and stop trying to change the game into something it's not
and unless I start seeing *some* activity on here, *some* people joining the site, *some* conversations going on

I will not be bothering with updating information on here, rather, I'll use my time more wisely and focus on making the designs and working out the ideas and stories and make the workings of a game on my own instead of putting up with the lazy crew members, and instead of hoping people will actually be interested.

So... Toodles random guests whom will never join, maybe someday I'll update this again. Maybe someday I'll find a good team for it, but for now, it's becoming a solo project I don't feel like sharing with anybody anymore, or rather, don't have the time to share with anybody now.
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Updating Ceased.
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