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An Indie game being created by a group of friends.
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 What IS Project Anima?

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PostSubject: What IS Project Anima?   Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:30 pm

Project Anima is a game in the works being designed (currently) by a group of close friends.

This game's basic gist is to seek an ultimately better, more realistic, and better explained world, similar to that of Pokemon (which sought to create a world similar to our own), this literally means, we are creating our own original game, with the muse of Pokemon and our childhood memories to guide us, in which we expand upon every aspect of the gameplay, and make (what we think will be) a far more fun (but far more complicated) gameplay that introduces powerful social interactions, side-plots, and craftily woven food chains of Anima, along with incredible battle systems introducing a whole different aspect to the idea of turn based combat.

Why are we doing this? Well, being the mastermind behind this idea, I have a year off before I go off to college, and in this year off, I want to do something productive involving my artistic abilities, as well as enjoying doing it. You say drafting maybe? No. Just No.
That is why this is being done, now.

"But Blakk, how can you possibly hope to make a better game?" To be honest, it really isn't that hard. With Pokemon's main goal being PROFIT, they hamper their own game's potential by treating new ideas as new, singular forms of profit. whereas we want to include the works, for the sake of a game that will be incredibly fun, and incredibly MASSIVE.

With over 800 original designs in the work. Massive move lists, and incredibly customize ability for the tamer, and the Anima, along with more realistic effects of weather, seasons, day and night, and rarities based on levels on the food chain (a tertiary predator will be incredibly rare), along with the introduction of puzzles, and more realistic management, this game could, if finalized, very easily be -better- than the average pokemon game.
Does that mean it'll have a bigger fanbase? No. xD Are you batshit insane? Pokemon has BILLIONS of people (Seriously.) that know of it, we'll never amass to that sort of infamy. However, Quality, vs. Quantity, I've always been the type to seek quality. I assure you, upon the completion and release of this game, it'll be on it's own level in gameplay (depending on the coding and imaging we get, the designs may not be as wonderful as I hope them to be, so I won't guide you wrong there, just in case).
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What IS Project Anima?
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