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An Indie game being created by a group of friends.
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 WEEKLY PREVIEW #1 5/25/2012

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PostSubject: WEEKLY PREVIEW #1 5/25/2012   WEEKLY PREVIEW #1 5/25/2012 EmptyFri May 25, 2012 10:46 pm

WEEKLY PREVIEW #1 5/25/2012 Anima---CharcodileTheVolcanicCrocodileAnimaBG

Artistic Credit: Myself. (I’ll try to alternate previews so you all see the different artists and their works for the project)

The Volcanic Crocodile Anima.
Elemental Affinity: Inferno/Earth
Origin Type: Reptile

Charcodile is the 2nd form of the “Geckaki” family, a large crocodile creature that spends its time swimming in Magma. Its scales are capable of resisting molten Magma with little to no damage resulting from it.
Charcodile is cold-blooded and utilizes the magma in order to maintain an incredibly high body temperature.
They are also capable of releasing a corrosive chemical that basically acts like a liquid fire-agent. In actuality, this chemical is Charcodile’s main method of digesting food. The chemical is secreted from its saliva and its claws, slowly digesting the opponent while Charcodile subdues it.

Charcodile is in the preliminary design stage.
A few critiques from me: The tail is too thin, and the head is far too large.
Nobody else in the group has seen the design, however, I’m releasing this design, along with others, every week, in order to show legitimate progress to our fans. Please enjoy. Like us on Facebook (Project Anima) to show support.
None of these designs are official. Just sketches and previews. Official designs will not be previewed, they will only be available through our Forum by joining… You can join here: Project Anima Forums
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WEEKLY PREVIEW #1 5/25/2012
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